AMD ostro krytykuje Intela. Chodzi o współpracę z Chinami

AMD sharply criticizes Intel. It’s about cooperation with China

AMD feels aggrieved by the decision of the US Department of Commerce. The Reds are in a worse position than their biggest competition – Intel.

USA and China they have been engaged in a trade war for a long time. Both powers constantly impose further export and technological restrictions. A great example of this would be a company Huaweiwhich took the hardest hit in 2019, losing access to many foreign suppliers and Google services.

According to AMD, it is worth USD 512 million

This severely limited the Chinese giant’s expansion and future plans. However, Huawei is not completely banished from the West. In late 2020, the Trump administration granted select companies special waivers to resend to Huawei. One of them was American Intel.

The blue ones are selling processorswhich Huawei uses in its laptops. This cooperation is worth hundreds of millions of dollarsso no one should be surprised that AMD applied for a similar license in early 2021, just after the change of presidential power in the United States, when President Joe Biden won.

However, the Reds did not receive such permission (and apparently even answers). As a result, the share of AMD processors in Huawei laptops decreased from 47.1% in 2020 to 9.3% in 2023. Similarly, Intel’s shares increased from 52.9 to 90.7% in the same period, which was estimated to be the equivalent of USD 512 million.

AMD sharply criticizes Intel.  It's about cooperation with China

AMD stated that such an arrangement is extremely unfair and has nothing to do with the free market. The company, along with U.S. critics of China, lobbied for Intel’s license to be revoked. However, the U.S. Department of Commerce decided late last year not to change any licenses.

Where did this decision come from? There may be several reasons. Firstly, an attempt to calm the US x China conflict. Secondly, Intel’s permission expires this year anyway. Although the Blues theoretically have the option of trying to renew him, a Reuters source says this is unlikely.

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