AMD szykuje Krakena. Zobaczymy go już w 2025 roku

AMD is preparing Kraken. We will see it in 2025

There is new information about the upcoming AMD Kraken Point family. We are talking about cheaper APU systems for laptops and handhelds.

At the end of last year, new processors such as: Intel Raptor Lake Refresh or mobile series Intel Meteor Lake. The competition is getting ready for the series premiere AMD Ryzen 8000Gi.e. the long-awaited APU systems for desktop computers.

AMD Kraken Point is intended to be a cheaper alternative

This does not mean, however, that Blue and Red are no longer working hard on the next generations. Today we will focus on AMD’s offer because: There is new information about the Kraken Point family.

AMD Kraken Point will be lower positioned, mobile APU systems, i.e. a combination of an efficient CPU and iGPU. Like the Strix Point series, they will be based on architectures AMD Zen 5, Zen 5C and RDNA 3.5. There will also be an efficient unit for tasks related to artificial intelligence, i.e AMD XDNA2 AI.

The latest leak reveals that we will see up to eight cores here – four large, high-performance Zen 5 and four small, energy-efficient Zen 5C. Unfortunately, there are no details yet about the clock speed, the number of CU units in the iGPU or power consumption. In the latter case it can be assumed TDP at 45 W.

AMD is preparing Kraken.  We will see it in 2025

According to the previously published, unofficial editorial map AMD Kraken Point will appear on the market in 2025. These systems will mainly be used in laptops and handhelds as a cheaper alternative to AMD Strix Point.

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