AMD zyskuje na rynku procesorów, ale powodów do zadowolenia nie ma

AMD is gaining on the processor market, but there is no reason to be satisfied

AMD reduces the gap to Intel in the desktop processor segment. However, the Blues' advantage is still huge.

Mercury Research has published data on processor sales for the first quarter of 2024. Although AMD has narrowed the gap to Intel, at least in the desktop systems segment, there is no reason to be very optimistic.

AMD vs. Intel

First of all, processor sales decreased in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the fourth quarter of 2023. There is nothing surprising about this. This is a normal trend. There is always a slowdown after the holidays, which are the best sales period, and processors are no exception in this respect.

As for the desktop segment, AMD gained 4.2 percentage points compared to the previous quarter and 4.7 percentage points. compared to the same period a year ago. This does not mean that the Reds have reason to be optimistic, because Intel still controls as much as 76.1 percent. this market. In fact, AMD's growth is due to the fact that they recorded a smaller loss than their competitor.

AMD also gained larger shares in the segment of server processors (23.6 percent, i.e. 5.6 percentage points more than a year earlier) and mobile processors (19.3 percent, or 3.1 percentage points more than in Q1 2023). . However, here you can also see how much advantage Intel still has. Blue, depending on the purpose of the arrangements, has in their hands from 76 to even 80 percent. market, which is over 4 times more than the Reds.

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