AMD zwiększa wymagania dla technologii FreeSync

AMD increases requirements for FreeSync technology

AMD is entering 2024 and wants to make players’ lives easier. Thus, the Reds decided to update the certification requirements for manufacturers.

Technologies such as AMD FreeSync Whether NVIDIA G-SYNC This is an indicator for gamers that they are dealing with a decent monitor, TV or laptop matrix. They are responsible for image synchronization and guarantee that the image will look impeccable even during intense gaming.

AMD’s new requirements are much higher

However, a lot has changed since the premiere of AMD FreeSync in 2015. While 60 and 75 Hz displays were standard for gamers back then, and 120 and 144 Hz models were rare, it looks completely different now. Therefore, the Reds decided to update the list of certification requirements for manufacturers.

The list of new requirements is closely related to the resolution and looks like this:

Laptops Monitors and TVs
AMD FreeSync Adjustable in the range of 40-60 Hz. For horizontal resolution less than 3440 px, the refresh rate should be ≥ 144 Hz
AMD FreeSync Premium The refresh rate should be ≥ 144 Hz For horizontal resolution less than 3440 px, the refresh rate should be ≥ 200 Hz; For horizontal resolution greater than 3440 px, the refresh rate should be ≥ 120 Hz;
AMD FreeSync Premium Pro as above + HDR support as above + HDR support

In other words, the most popular 1080p and 1440p monitors will now have to offer a refresh rate of 144 Hz or higher to obtain basic AMD FreeSync certification. For the higher variant, AMD FreeSync Premium, the value is 200 Hz or more and 120 Hz or more for 4K monitors. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification additionally requires HDR support.

The new AMD requirements are significantly different from the original ones, but this is a very good change. This will mainly benefit consumers who, without delving into the specifications, will be able to quickly determine whether they are dealing with equipment suitable for dynamic games. It will be more difficult to put on the (old) face.

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