AMD Granite Ridge jest już w drodze. Znamy szczegóły

AMD Granite Ridge is on its way. We know the details

New and powerful AMD desktop processors will be available later this year. We are talking about systems based on the latest AMD Zen5 architecture.

The first processors AMD Ryzen 7000 debuted on the market at the end of 2022. Therefore, no one should be surprised that many enthusiasts are already waiting for new systems from the Reds. Especially when Intel refreshes its offer every year. Fortunately, AMD is already working hard on the next generation.

The new AMD processors will have a TDP of up to 170 W

New information about the family has appeared on the Internet AMD Granite Ridge, and they come from the transport manifest. We're talking about architecture-based processors AMD Zen5which will be supported by existing socket-equipped motherboards AMD AM5.

Two units with the internal marking OPN came to light “100-000001290-21” and “100-000001404-21”. This is in turn 6-core CPU with TDP 105 W and 8-core CPU with 170 W TDP. Interestingly, AMD uses at least two different steppings here – A0 and B0.

AMD Granite Ridge is on its way.  We know the details

Unfortunately, no additional information is available at this time. The fact that the processors are already “in motion” suggests that we will learn more during the fair Computex 2024, which will take place in early June in Taiwan. Meaning that the expected release date is the third or fourth quarter of this year.

Compared to mobile APUs, AMD Granite Ridge will probably offer an older architecture for integrated graphics systems. If it is AMD RDNA2 again, the iGPU will be used mainly for browsing the Internet and watching movies and series, you can forget about playing games.

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