Amazon’s recipe seems to be working

Amazon has announced the return of its Prime Day business operation. This is a two-day discount on the e-commerce site reserved for Amazon Prime subscribers. Appointment is made in October for the next edition, after a last Prime Day in July.

This past July 11 and 12 was Prime Day. It is an event organized by Amazon for its Prime subscribers, which lasts two days and which is organized several times a year. As the company announced on its blog, Prime Day is back in October, like last year.

Prime Day returns in October to overtake Black Friday

It was Doug Herrington, CEO of Amazon (the e-commerce site, not the company), who indicated the return of the event. The countries concerned are France, Belgium and Luxembourg, but also: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United States and United Kingdom. For the moment, no date has been disclosed by Amazon.

The event no longer appears to be officially called ” Prime Day “, but ” Bonus Big Deal Days “. In other words, the days of the great Prime bargains in French. The site promises to offer “ some of Amazon’s best deals of the season which will be exclusive to subscribers to its Prime service. We naturally expect Amazon products to be at reduced prices as usual: Kindle e-readers, Alexa connected speakers, etc.

Placing these promotion days in October seems quite an interesting operation. This year, Black Friday 2023 will take place on November 24. Amazon therefore arrives before this event, which is essential in the year, as the end of the year holidays approach. What ” buy to consumers during Prime Day instead of them buying what they need during Black Friday and potentially from an Amazon competitor.

Amazon’s recipe seems to be paying

Amazon’s Prime Day model seems to be working and winning over subscribers. The company said in a post that the first day of Prime Day July 2023 “ was the biggest sales day in the company’s history. In fact, more than 375 million items have been purchased worldwide and it is Amazon’s operation with the most offers. Who says better sales also says bigger turnover and thus more profits in the end. This also makes it possible to sell Amazon products: Prime Day in July made it possible to sell “ millions of Alexa-enabled devices », Amazon’s voice assistant.

According to Amazon, this first day of promotions represented a saving ” over $2.5 billion across millions of offers in the Amazon store. The company considers this to be the most successful Prime Day since its inception. As for the effects on the Amazon stock price, there is a very slight increase, but not enough to attribute causality to Prime Day.

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