Alexa od teraz płatna

Amazon will make a better Alexa, but it will be paid

Google Assistant, Siri, OpenAI – voice assistants are starting to benefit from machine learning. The great absentee, Alexa, will join them, but you will have to pay for her.

$5 to $10 a month for Alexa

Amazon wants to revolutionize Alex, but this revolution will have its victims. The most advanced features may incur additional costs. According to leaks, we will pay between $5 and $10 for a monthly subscription, even if we already have Amazon Prime purchased.

New Alexa coming in August, what can we expect?

According to previous reports, the new version of Amazon’s voice assistant will probably bring personalized advice, for example regarding shopping or art. Saying the command Hey Alexa – new version will also become a thing of the past is supposed to understand and execute many commands at the same time. For example, he has to write an e-mail for us and at the same time order food delivery.

Amazon’s AI can also learn our habits and personalize routines, from turning on the coffee machine when the alarm goes off to personalized portions of information during the morning toilet. Shopping advice perfectly tailored to us may also be very interesting, although it may raise some controversy regarding potential monopolistic practices – Alexa will certainly send us shopping on the Amazon platform.

It is not clear what we will actually pay for

Amazon will continue to offer a free version of Alexa with elements of generative artificial intelligence solutions. The leaks so far do not justify the purchase of the premium variant. Perhaps Amazon will surprise us with something else.

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