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With its new Echo Pop, Amazon continues to renew its range of connected speakers. Announced last June, with the new Echo Show 10 and Echo Auto, these products want to modernize and improve the range of products dedicated to Alexa. The Echo Pop is positioned as an entry-level product with an introductory price of 54.99 euros. This does not prevent it from offering an elegant and functional design, which is complemented by a nice range of accessories.

Now let’s see if Alexa is like a fish in water with this new speaker, and if it will seduce our ears.

Amazon Echo Pop Technical sheet

Model Amazon Echo Pop
Number of speakers








OS compatibility

Android, iOS, Fire OS


Black, White, Purple, Green



Product sheet

The enclosure for this test was provided by Amazon

Amazon Echo Pop Design and functionality: discreet and cute

Amazon plays the minimalism card here with a product with a slightly inclined flat face and topped with a light strip. The whole being supported by a dome-shaped frame. An elegant speaker, which has charm, even cute with its variations in anthracite, white, lavender and duck green.

Especially since you can add colored covers (which come in black, blue, grey, pink, orange, red and purple) to create a two-tone product to your liking. There is even a phosphorescent one to shine in the night.

The fabric used to cover the front is made from post-consumer recycled polyester, like 80% of the aluminum in the product. Amazon has taken care of the manufacturing quality for a relatively solid speaker and whose materials have been sourced for a more eco-responsible product.

On the upper part we have three physical buttons: two for volume management and a central one to mute or activate the microphone. You will also notice the presence of three holes which correspond to the location of the three microphones. Further down, still on the back, we have the power supply which unfortunately is not USB. Finally, we appreciated the base of the product which is covered with a very effective anti-slip pad.

Positioned at 54.99 euros, it is 20 euros less than the Echo Dot, more qualitative and solid. The Pop is more thought of as a lifestyle where the Echo Dot is more thought of as a speaker.

Amazon Echo Pop Installation and configuration: without a single hitch

The mandatory entry point to take advantage of its new Echo Pop is the Alexa application.

Installing the connected speaker is very simple, first put the speaker in pairing mode by pressing the volume buttons for about 3 seconds. The light strip then changes from orange to blue while waiting for the app to connect. On the latter, press the icon + in the tab Devices and opt for Amazon Echo in the list All Devices.

You will then be asked to choose the type of Alexa product, here Echo smart speakers. After selecting the room that the speaker will occupy, you will only have to enter your Wi-Fi code. Note that the installation was carried out without difficulty with a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network, the same for the daily use.

Once the process is complete, you have access to the Alexa application which allows you to configure third-party services, such as music where you can associate Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music or Spotify accounts. The application also allows you to create scenarios by associating different objects.

When we enter the tab Devices and select the Echo Pop in the area Food, we have access to several parameters, such as the live Bluetooth connection and a three-band equalizer. The latter is a very good thing, but as we will see below, it does not work miracles.

The product is designed to be simply placed on a flat surface. Amazon offers an optional wall bracket that installs with a few screws and will hold perfectly even on Placoplâtre.

Amazon Echo Pop In use: Audio accuracy has gotten lost

Here we have a small speaker that still has a lot of space with its 49.5 mm speaker. It can very easily add sound to a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom. For larger rooms (20 m² and more), this will be a little more accurate, except for close listening. We advise you not to exceed 75%/80% volume power anyway, because beyond that we lose precision and, if the loudspeaker does not saturate, it is not very far from it.

The rendering is in the small average with fairly well defined highs, but which sometimes lack clarity. For crystal clear tones, we will go back and if the mids are correctly treated, we have more virtual bass than anything else. In addition, the Echo Pop tends to let the different frequencies spill over each other, for a sometimes messy rendering even on musical scenes that are not so complex.

voice recognition

We might have thought that the three microphones on the back of the product would be a bit tight for the Echo Pop to hear and understand our voice. Nay: at 50% volume, the voice is well picked up by the speaker up to 6 to 8 meters without having to force it. At 100% volume, you will have to push your voice a little more, but without having to go into shouting. Well, as long as you stay within 5 meters.

Amazon Echo Pop Yale Smart Cabinet Lock Pricing and Availability

The Amazon Echo Pop connected speaker is available in Anthracite, White, Lavender and Duck Green at a price of 54.99 euros on the Amazon site and at partner retailers.

Where to buy

Amazon Echo Pop at the best price?

The Made for Amazon Echo Pop silicone covers are available in Blue, Glow in the Dark, Grey, Lilac, Orange, Red, Purple at a price of 22.99 euros on the Amazon website and at partner resellers.

The Made for Amazon shelf wall mount for Echo Pop is available in Anthracite and White at a price of 22.99 euros on the Amazon website and at partner resellers.

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