Almost every second one uses it.  BLIK took Poland by storm

Almost every second one uses it. BLIK took Poland by storm

The operator of the BLIK payment system provided the latest operational data for Q1 2024. During this time, over half a billion Blik transactions were made, and the solution was used by 16.3 million active users.

In the first quarter of 2024, BLIK recorded a significant increase in the number of transactions by nearly 40%. year-on-year, achieving total 518 million operations worth PLN 73.9 billion. At the end of March this year have already actively used the solution 16.3 million users, i.e. 2.8 million more than a year earlier. It is already registered in the system 29.5 million mobile applications.

BLIK phone transfers are becoming more and more popular

It was the most dynamic in the analyzed period the number of BLIK phone transfers increased. Their number increased by 59% year on year. To the level 132 million.

It has also increased significantly transaction value on the phone. In the first quarter it amounted to PLN 19.3 billion, i.e. by 79 percent. more than in the same period last year. The average value of a single transfer is PLN 151. The growing interest in telephone transfers is reflected in the constantly increasing share of this service in the total number of transactions carried out using BLIK. Currently they constitute already more than a quarter of all payments.

BLIK in stationary and online stores

A significant increase was also recorded in the POS channel – between January and March, users made more than 105 million transactions, i.e. by almost 50 percent. more than a year earlier. Their value has reached PLN 5.9 billion. This is an increase of 55%. compared to the results obtained at the end of March 2023.

However, in the first quarter, most Blik transactions were made during online purchases – every second payment was made through this channel. In the analyzed period, BLIK users paid as many as 264.9 million times, i.e. by 28 percent. more than a year earlier. The value of online transactions has reached PLN 37.8 billion compared to PLN 26.9 billion a year earlier. The average value of a single online purchase is PLN 143

The highest shopping cart value was recorded in the “fashion” category – users paid for purchases in stores offering clothing and footwear on average PLN 230.

Getting closer to 6 million transactions every day

In the first quarter of this year Poles performed on average 5.7 million Blik payments every day. A record daily number of transactions (completed in all channels – e-commerce, POS, ATM and P2P), which amounted to 8.9 million, was recorded in the system March 8, 2024

The average amount of Blik payments in the analyzed period is PLN 143while the value of all transactions carried out using it has reached PLN 73.9 billion. That's 48 percent. more than in the same quarter of 2023.

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