Allegro odnosi małe zwycięstwo w walce z Google. To precedens

Allegro wins a small victory in the fight against Google. It's a precedent

The Warsaw court issued a decision that was extremely important for Allegro. For now, this is not a final judgment, but the Polish company can be satisfied.

A case brought by Allegro against Google is pending in the District Court in Warsaw. Although the final verdict has not been issued yet, the court has already decided to introduce four bans on the US technology giant, reports Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Ceneo wins over Google

On March 28, 2024, Allegro sued Google for unfair practices. The verdict has not been handed down yet, but the court issued a decision under which the American company cannot use four practices (until the case is resolved).

  • Google cannot favor its own Google Shopping comparison service at the expense of Ceneo.
  • Google cannot redirect traffic to Google Shopping at the expense of Ceneo.
  • Google cannot remove search results leading to Ceneo.
  • Google cannot display unauthorized Ceneo ads to obtain information about user preferences.

According to Allegro, these are unfair practices. During the proceedings, this was confirmed by the president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, who stated that such behavior of the technology giant (if confirmed) may lead to distortion of competition and disturb equal opportunities.

The court's decision is a precedent on a European scale and may encourage comparison websites in other countries to follow in the fight for a fair and competitive digital market.

– says Allegro.

The ban remains in force until the case is finally resolved.

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