Allegro MiniPrzesyłka za darmo - nowe zasady

Allegro MiniPrzesyłka is free, but only for selected people

Allegro MiniPrzesyłka is a form of delivery of purchases on Allegro that has been available for some time. Until the end of June, selected people can use it completely free of charge.

Another change at Allegro, this time for the better

In recent days, Allegro has been bombarding its users with e-mails with numerous changes to the regulations. We welcomed some of the changes on Allegro or Allegro Locally, but coolly today's announcement is one of the positive ones.

What is worth noting is that there is no question of a systemic change for all users platforms, but about the pilotwhich will last from March 28 until June 30.

Allegro MiniPrzesyłka is completely free

Allegro MiniPrzesyłka is a form of delivery of small purchases in an envelope, which goes directly to our mailbox. This is a shipment monitoredBut Poczta Polska simply puts it in the mailbox, without knocking on our door, like a regular letter.

Selected as part of the pilot Allegro Smart users will not pay for shipping with this delivery method when shopping worth PLN 30.

In this way, Allegro MiniPrzesyłka becomes an interesting form of delivery of small, low-value items, USB cables, phone cases or protective glass.

What is worth adding? limits on free shipments to collection points remain active (purchase value from PLN 45) and courier services (shopping for a minimum of PLN 65).

How to enable free shipping?

It is possible that after a positive pilot of the service, Allegro MiniPrzesyłka free of charge for orders over PLN 30 will become a permanent element of the offer. At the moment, the above conditions are only available on a pilot basis for those Allegro Smart users who received an appropriate e-mail from Allegro. This message is synonymous with the availability of the service – nothing needs to be additionally enabled.

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