Allegro Lokalnie sellers' problems

Allegro Lokalnie sellers’ problems

Allegro Lokalnie has become one of the targets of cybercriminals. Sellers on the platform may receive suspicious emails.

Allegro Lokalnie is a much more convenient platform for occasional sales of unnecessary items than Allegro due to simplified procedure for listing items. The limit on the items sold means that mainly private individuals appear there, which makes it much easier for cybercriminals.

Fraudsters attack Allegro Lokalnie sellers

The scam works in a simple way. Cyber ​​Rescue reports that pthe seller puts the product up for saleand the buyer chooses personal pickup. The first one receives an e-mail from Allegro confirming the selected delivery method and payment method. Then the alleged customer informs that he is unable to meet face to face and asks for the product to be sent privately. He adds that of course he will take care of everything and offers an immediate transfer.

Another email arrives to the victim. This looks like a message directly from the bank. From the content we learn that the other party has already paid the funds, the transfer is being processed and will appear in the account as soon as the bank receives confirmation of sending the order.

As you can guess, the news is fake. If the seller sends the parcel to a random, fake address, which will probably be a post office box, he will ultimately not receive the payment, will lose the displayed product and will be left with nothing.

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