Zmiany w Allegro Lokalnie - tak już nie zapłacisz

Allegro Lokalnie: Pay now or get lost

From June 4, the rules of Allegro Lokalnie are changing. One of the basic forms of payment disappears, and the money is to be transferred immediately to the buyer.

Allegro is digging into Allegro Lokalnie

After a kind change in the operating philosophy of the main Allegro website, as we wrote about yesterday in this text, the company started to “improve the operation of the Allegro Lokalnie website”. From now on Allegro Locally, it's best to come with a full walletbecause we have less time to wonder.

Have you bid on the goods? You better have money for it, because payment time is shortened from 120 to 72 hours. You choose an option “buy now”? The time for payment is zero. Exactly yes, not 120 hours, not 72 hours “the new way”, but You must pay for your purchase immediately. As a reminder, until now, also with the buy now option, the buyer had 120 hours to make the payment.

One of the payment methods also disappears

Until now, you could pay for purchases on Allegro Lokalnie by card, Blik, quick transfer or traditional transfer. All these methods will still be available until June 3, and from June 4 traditional transfer disappears from the list.

This means that before you start shopping on Allegro Lokalnie, you better check your account balance and, if necessary, run to a cash deposit machine or bank. You will no longer be able to pay for your purchases by bank transfer at the post office. Although I belong to the bubble of people who don't actually look at paper money, there are a lot of professions that rely on physical money and For many Poles, removing this payment method may be very burdensome.

You can pay in cash, but it's more expensive

For now, Allegro Lokalnie has retained one backup form of settlement in which cash can still be used. This refers to orders with a selected option payment on delivery.

This is some sort of crisis solution to the situation, but due to the commission of the shipment supplier – more expensive for the buyer. In the case of small purchases, this form of payment may even discourage potential buyers. It is also worth remembering that not every seller offers this form of settlement.

Although we always warmly welcome modern forms of payment at TELEPOLIS.PL, we do not like it when Poles are convinced to use them by force. According to the new rules, Allegro will probably have fewer complaints to consider, and transactions will be processed faster, but whether it will be more convenient for buyers – I dare say I doubt it.

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