all the colors expected from the next models of Apple

This September 12 or 13, the iPhone 15 should be unveiled by Apple. New models, new colors: leaks reveal what the colors of the iPhone 15 will be. We take stock.

Only a few weeks left before the announcement of the iPhone 15: the noose is tightening, the leaks are multiplying. We expect new hardware and software, but not only: the design is also part of it. In the design elements, there are also the colors. MacRumors has listed all the expected colors of the next iPhone 15: here they are.

The expected colors of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

As the media recalls, in recent years, Apple has launched its iPhone in five versions and launched a sixth at the start of the year to stimulate sales. It seems to be the same this year for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. These two models also share the same colors. What’s helping the leaks this year are… the cables. Until now, iPhones came with a white cable, but that would no longer be the case. Several leaks indicate that iPhones would come with a cable in the same color as the phone.

We would thus be entitled to these colors:

  • Black ;
  • White ;
  • YELLOW ;
  • Blue ;
  • Orange.

For the latter, it would look like coral color with pink hues. It could be the return of this color, which was found on the iPhone XR in 2018. The yellow would be available as soon as the iPhone 15 was released: it arrived last March on the iPhone 14. As for the sixth color to come, it could be the return of the PRODUCT(RED) model, a red model for funding AIDS research. On the other hand, it would go against another rumor that spoke of mint green, blue and pink colorways (see photo above).

iPhone 15 Pro: new colors for a new material

This year, the Pro versions of the iPhone should be entitled to a titanium frame, which is lighter than the stainless steel currently used. Apple would like to highlight this change with new colors. These would be the following:

  • Dark blue ;
  • Silver gray;
  • Black ;
  • Titanium.

No golden color therefore, although it is a popular version in Asian markets. The dark purple of the iPhone 14 Pro would become a dark blue, while the gold would become titanium.

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