Alarm dla Wrocławia. Oszuści wymyślili nową sztuczkę

Alarm for Wrocław. Scammers have come up with a new trick

Fraudsters prey on Wrocław residents who use public transport. They tempt them with free rides.

Cybercriminals are increasingly trying to target smaller social groups. For this purpose, they use personalized Facebook ads to ensure that their advertising reaches the right people. Recently we wrote about fraudsters hunting the inhabitants of Warsaw. Now a similar action has been organized, but their target is: citizens of another Polish city.

Hunting for the inhabitants of Wrocław. They promise a free ride and wipe your account

It's been circulating on social media lately advertising allegedly paid for by UrbanCard, i.e. the entity issuing Wrocław city cards. Potential victims are tempted by a vision free rides for 90 days in exchange for purchasing a special card for only PLN 10. The offer would be valid until March 24 this year.

This is an obvious scam and UrbanCard does not run this promotion. Clicking on the ad takes the Internet user to a fake page with a form for personal data and payment card information. Filling out the fields may result in the loss of money, and thanks to the obtained data, criminals will be able to try to take out a loan for a given person.

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