AI to correct your mistakes

Google’s virtual keyboard that equips Android smartphones will be grafted with a fault correction tool using AI.

Since ChatGPT was made available to the general public, artificial intelligence has continued to make headlines. Every week, new services powered by generative AI are talked about. For example, this supermarket chain’s initiative to offer a recipe idea service based on OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 model, or this new YouTube feature, allowing you to create a summary of a video before ‘open. Lately, it’s Google’s turn to innovate with a promising new feature that should soon land on our smartphones.

Gboard will use AI to correct your mistakes

This new feature was spotted by 9to5Google on the occasion of one of their APK Insight type articles. These consist of decompiling the installation file of an application in order to find the new features to come for the app concerned by the exploration. According to these recent findings, Google would concoct a major update for its virtual keyboard Gboard. The company would use its own generative artificial intelligence to help you write better.

screenshot google gboard AI text correction

This Google-style AI is none other than the one that powers the Bard chatbot, a direct competitor to ChatGPT. The keyboard would integrate this language model named TheMDA and could proofread the texts entered by the user in order to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Accessible from the keyboard toolbar, this feature will display correction suggestions, applicable at the tip of your finger.

Towards improved correction and new features

In view of the possibilities brought by AI, Google will not limit itself to a simple proofreading through the integration of the model. TheMDA in its virtual keyboard. Based on the generative characteristics of this technology, the Mountain View firm intends to propose to rewrite a message in a tone adapted to the initial intention.

Gboard should also be equipped with a generator of stickers and emojis through a new tool called Emogen. The latter will work by creating a suitable emoji from scratch, using a “prompt» entered by the user. This use is reminiscent of AI tools that generate images, such as MidJourney, for example.

If the biggest groups in the IT and Internet sector are betting so much on AI, it’s a safe bet that this race for innovation will be a long one. However, note that if these innovations seem to take an increasingly important place in our society, more than one in two people say they are not very reassured vis-à-vis artificial intelligence.

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