AI arrives, Paint revised, arrival of passkeys… all the new features

Microsoft is rolling out a major Windows 11 update today. This is a new version of Windows 11 22H2 and not the arrival of version 23H2. The program is loaded: Copilot, the file explorer has been revised, backup becomes simpler…

Last week, Microsoft held a conference to present its new features. The opportunity to announce a new range of Surface devices, but also an update to Windows 11. It’s not yet the 23H2 update, but almost. The update will appear to all users as a security update and should only take a few minutes to install.

Artificial intelligence makes its appearance in Windows 11

The most important change is undoubtedly the arrival of Copilot. This is the Windows 11 artificial intelligence chatbot, presented a few months ago. On the other hand, there is Paint which is equipped with AI-based features. Even Windows editing software can do it.

Windows Copilot is finally here

As a reminder, Windows Copilot is a chatbot integrated directly into the operating system, which can be launched at any time. For Microsoft, this should help you “ speed up your tasks, reduce friction and save you time » thanks to personalized responses. In fact, it is Bing Chat, but in a more powerful version.

In addition to being able to summarize a web page or write a message, you can control your computer’s settings using Copilot. Turn on Wi-Fi, switch to dark world, etc. For certain parameters, this should avoid having to dig deep into the settings of your machine. Beyond that, the Copilot can also tell you how to adjust this or that parameter. The chatbot can be accessed from the taskbar or using the shortcut Windows + VS.

Paint also goes AI

As we mentioned a few days ago, Paint is finally adopting AI and the changes go further than directly related functions. First, there is automatic background removal. In one click, this allows you to cut out an element from its background on an image, like in Canva or Photoshop. To make this feature really useful, Microsoft is adding support for layers: in short, you can overlay images in the same file to create compositions.

The company is also announcing Paint Cocreator in preview version, for the Windows Insider program. In its press release, the company indicates that Cocreator “ Unleash your creativity by simply entering text, selecting a style and generating a unique image. » Subsequently, you can use Paint to modify said image.

Clipchamp does video editing for you

Even Clipchamp, the editing software integrated into Windows 11, is getting started with AI. The Auto Compose functionality appears: by asking you a few questions, the software can edit your video by offering “ scenes, edits and narration – all based on your data and creative assets, in just a few clicks “.

The idea is to then be able to share these videos wherever you want. Auto Compose, however, is only a recommendation tool: after editing, the user can modify everything in Clipchamp.

The Screenshot tool finally allows you to select text

The Windows 11 screenshot tool is also enriched with AI. The most important feature that is arriving is text selection, like on Google Lens for example.

When you save an image of your screen, the text may be highlighted and you can simply select it to copy and paste it elsewhere. Also, the tool allows you to blacken text that you want to hide in a screenshot before sharing it.

With Photos, you will be able to blur the background of your selfies

In addition to all the others, the Photos application is also reworked. First of all, the search has been improved: it is easier to find your photos, especially if they are saved in OneDrive. Keywords, objects, places: from these elements, the application can find your photos.

Perhaps an even bigger change is the background blur. Microsoft specifies that you can add blur effortlessly, and without affecting the definition of the image.

Windows Backup: Windows backup software is finally here

Windows Bakcup, the Windows data backup application, dedicated to those who are going to change computers, is finally here. It allows you to select your backup options: files, applications, settings or even credentials.

When a user moves to a new machine, they will be able to restore content from their old computer from the cloud and their Microsoft account. Please note: without a Microsoft 365 subscription, this backup is limited to 5 GB.

Two new accessibility options on Windows 11

For people with disabilities, there are special options in Windows, as in other operating systems. Two new features appear in this version.

Voice control from the start

Voice access allows you to configure your computer and navigate using voice only. Microsoft announces expanding the places in Windows where voice control works, particularly when connecting to your computer. Enough to make it easier to use, including from start-up.

In addition, even if the user makes language mistakes, Microsoft will understand them and can correct them in order to better interpret them. This is a way to help those whose native language is not supported or more broadly in cases where the ambient noise is too loud for the user to be heard clearly.

The Windows narrator is finally in French

The Narrator tool allows you to read what is displayed on the screen. Which can be very useful in Windows menus, on web pages, or even in video games.

New languages ​​are coming to the tool: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, British English, Indian English and especially French.

Windows will also start using passwords

We’ve been hearing about it for several months: passkeys could eventually replace passwords. Windows 11 will also integrate passkeys via Windows Hello in order to make “ even more difficult for hackers to steal your passwords. »

This will be useful in web browsers (notably Edge, Chrome or Firefox), but also to log in to Windows. Each passkey is composed of a security key and a unique identifier. Microsoft announces that you can log in via facial recognition, your fingerprint or a PIN code.

Windows 11 has a new way to save battery

Microsoft adds that a feature of “ Adaptive Dimming ”, or adaptive attenuation in French, has arrived. Simply put, if your computer’s presence sensor detects that you are no longer paying attention to your machine, the screen brightness will be slowly reduced in order to save battery power.

This is in addition to the power on approach and lock functionality when leaving your computer. If manufacturers offer it, Adaptive Dimming will subsequently be compatible with external screens.

Play games from the Microsoft Store without installing them: it will soon be possible

Microsoft is also introducing Instant Games for the Microsoft Store. Currently, this feature is in the testing phase. The idea is simple: to be able to instantly play one of your favorite games from the Microsoft Store on Windows, without needing to download or install it. Only publishers in partnership with Microsoft can offer this on their title, but the ambition is obviously to expand the catalog.

Apparently this is only available on games “ light » which require little storage space or significant graphics resources. Other new things to come “ this month »: the ability to choose the installation location for your games, regardless of the folder or disk.

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