Against the current of trends, this premium manufacturer would turn its back on the least electric SUV

We are starting to know a little more about McLaren’s future electric sports car, which should see the light of day in the course of 2030. It would not be an SUV but probably a supercar inspired by the P1 .

If all manufacturers will have to go electric from 2035 in Europe, some will have the right to a small derogation. This is the case of brands selling less than 10,000 cars per year, who will have one more year to comply with this new measure. Those who register less than 1,000 will not even be obliged to respect it.

A real sportsman

McLaren, for example, is part of the first category, unlike Ferrari, which must submit to the new Brussels rule from January 1, 2035. But that is not why the firm based in Woking, England, wants to rest. on its laurels, quite the contrary. This is how she slowly begins to prepare for her future.

In June 2022, hallway noises evoked the arrival of an electric SUV in the manufacturer’s range. A rumor that had surprised fans of the latter, while he announced a few years earlier categorically refuse to offer this type of vehicle. But when you see the success of other brands like Lamborghini or Bentley… it can be tempting.

Last August, the idea of ​​a raised car was still surfacing, while McLaren hinted that it would probably be electric. Logical, since the thermal is losing momentum anyway. So much so that electric models overtook diesel sales in Europe earlier in the year.

Today, we begin to know a little more about the projects of the British manufacturer. The site’s journalists Coach were indeed able to obtain some information about an upcoming electric car. But surprised, it will not take the form of an SUV but of a true sportswoman.

A replacement for the P1

In any case, this is what the boss of the brand Michael Leiters suggests. Asked about a possible competitor to the recently unveiled Porsche Mission X, the latter simply replied: ” we are quite busy, yes“. However, he doesn’t confirm anything yetclaiming to be not entirely sure when it comes to electric supercars.

For the moment, McLaren still leaves time for reflection and wants to take the time to develop its future supercar. This one should to be in line with the P1launched in 2012. Michael Leiters explains that he refused to design a car delivering 2,000 horsepower and weighing 2,000 kilos, saying that ” Everyone can do it“.

According to him, this power is absolutely not necessary. Which is true, because we also know that too much weight is not at all beneficial and notably increases consumption. Either way, McLaren wants its electric future is even more efficient than what the brand offers with its thermal models.

However, it will take a little more patience. Because according to the boss of the firm, this sport should not see the light of day before the end of the decade. It now remains to know its power in order to know how it will position itself in relation to the next electric Lamborghini.

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