After Netflix, is the Disney+ price increase pushing you towards piracy?

With Netflix and Disney+ price increases, are you tempted to pirate series or movies?

The beginning of the 2000s was marked by a great rise in popularity for the piracy of TV series and films on the Internet. The improvement of internet connections, the accessibility of works in original version when French version was often the norm on television, or even the possibility of watching the episodes of a series in order and as soon as they are broadcast in the United States. United were so many reasons to resort to this illegal method.

While some may attribute a decline in piracy to the implementation of stricter regulations with the appearance of Hadopi, it is more often to the improvement of the legal offer that this evolution in consumption is associated. . In particular, the arrival in France of Netflix has enabled many people to subscribe to a large catalog of series and films for a small monthly price. Content that could be watched from any device, in good image quality and without any advertising.

Today, SVOD services have multiplied in France: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Paramount+, if you want to have access to all the works, you now need a bigger monthly budget. Especially since the services have gradually inflated their prices, Netflix in the lead. Disney also announced a significant price increase for its Disney+ service. In addition, these two SVOD giants now offer a subscription with advertising.

Are you tempted by pirating series or movies?

So the question arises: does the evolution of the SVOD market encourage you to come back to piracy? It is an illegal act and yet an entire public could resort to it again after having avoided it for several years.


Are you tempted by pirating series or movies?

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As always, do not hesitate to support your answer in the comments, in particular to explain your opinion on the evolution of SVOD services. Be careful however, there is no question here of inciting any illegal practice. Only to note, as we can already read sometimes on social networks, that the increase in prices or the complexity of the offers could divert some people from the legal offer.

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