After iOS, ChatGPT is available on Android

Several months after its arrival on iOS, ChatGPT will be available next week as an Android application.

July 23 update:

It’s official, the ChatGPT application is now available on Android! Previously announced for the coming week, the company has exceeded expectations by making the application available this morning of July 23.

This release follows OpenAI’s promise to make its generative text-based AI widely available, and marks an important milestone for Android users who have been eagerly awaiting this news. Users can now download the app from the Play Store and start enjoying conversations with ChatGPT on their Android smartphones and tablets.

Original article from July 23:

Good things come to those who wait for. While ChatGPT was first launched as a website before being officially ported to iPhone with a dedicated application, then to Apple Watch, OpenAI’s generative text AI will finally arrive very soon on Android.

On Twitter, the company announced, in the evening from Friday to Saturday, the arrival of ChatGPT on Android for ” next week “, without more precision for the moment. It is also already possible to pre-register on the Play Store to take advantage of the application as quickly as possible on your smartphone or tablet and be notified of the launch.

The visual elements highlighted by OpenAI on the ChatGPT page on the Play Store also allow you to discover the interface that will be offered on smartphones. Logically, it is ultimately quite similar to what can already be found on the iPhone. Thus, the application should offer a light theme and a dark theme. It should allow you to find previous chats with ChatGPT as well as a menu for settings.

Notably, as was already the case on iPhone, the Android version of ChatGPT should not display advertisements. Remember, however, that it is possible to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to benefit in particular from priority access and the GPT-4 model to have more relevant answers.

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