Reklamy w Windowsie. Zaraz pojawią się też u Ciebie

Ads in Windows. They will be available to you soon

Haven't you seen ads in the Windows 11 start menu yet? Unfortunately, we don't have good news. This will change in a moment.

We have recently written many times about ads appearing in Windows 11. Previously, they were noticed in test versions of the system, but the latest update changes this. In a moment you will also see them on your computer.

Ads in Windows 11

Of course, Microsoft doesn't call it advertising. According to the Cupertino company, these are recommendations. However, the nomenclature does not matter here. Ads are ads, and in this case they appear in the start menu.

The ads appear to users after installing the KB5036980 update. It introduces many new features to the system, including better widgets on the lock screen and improved display of installed applications in the start menu. One of the new features is the display of recommended applications, or simply advertisements.

Microsoft says that recommendations will come only from the Microsoft Store. Apps are supposed to be created by a small group of trusted developers, but we don't know what exactly that means. In the test version of Windows 11, users saw, among other things, ads for the Opera browser, which may be a bit surprising considering how the Cupertino company heavily promotes Edge.

Fortunately, there is also good news. After installing the update, recommended applications are enabled by default, but they can be disabled. To do this, you need to go to the personalization settings, start menu and there deactivate the showing of recommended apps. After this they should no longer appear.

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