Dodaj do portfela w telefonie. Szkodę zgłosisz bez kombinowania

Add to wallet on your phone. You can report the damage without any hassle

How to conveniently store your insurance policy? You can keep your documents on your smartphone, but there is a much better way.

Comperia Ubezpieczenia will introduce the possibility of saving the policy in a digital wallet. This means that the policy will be easily available in the same place as payment cards or tickets. On Android you will be able to add an insurance policy to Google Wallet, and on iOS to Apple Wallet.

Policy in your wallet on your smartphone

The novelty will be introduced from mid-March 2024. The implementation will be gradual. First, we will add policies issued by insurance agents in the Comperia Agent system to the digital wallet. Ultimately, of course, it will be possible to add all Comperia Ubezpieczenia policies, including those purchased via the comparison website, belonging to the Comperia group.

From the customer’s perspective, the policy will behave like a ticket or loyalty card with the option of adding it to the wallet. After signing the contract, together with the documents sent by e-mail, the customer will receive a link enabling him to add the policy to Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. This will give everyone easy access to policy information, such as the policy number and duration. Importantly, there will also be the insurer’s telephone number to report the damage. At the same time, the wallet application will be able to send a notification that the policy is about to expire.

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