ADATA wyciąga asa z rękawa. Tego jeszcze nie było

ADATA pulls an ace out of its sleeve. This has never happened before

ADATA has good news for people planning to build a high-performance PC. Their new RAM modules will offer not only top clock speeds, but also low temperatures.

Business ADATA, a Taiwanese manufacturer of computer equipment, officially boasted about its latest solution. Talking about unique cooling system for RAM modules. All thanks to coating the PCB with a special layer that “integrates heat conduction, thermal radiation and insulation”.

We will see modules with the new solution in June

According to the company’s internal tests, the same RAM module with and without the new layer offers up to 7.5°C lower temperaturesa “heat dissipation efficiency is 10.8% better”. The new solution will only be available in selected series DDR5such as the top XPG Lancer Neon RGB 8000 MT/s and Lancer RGB 8000 MT/s.

The question arises whether this brings tangible benefits to consumers? Yes and no. Cooler equipment will always work more stably, especially when it comes to such high factory overclocked modules. This also theoretically extends its service life. However, a solid heatsink is usually sufficient for this purpose.

ADATA pulls an ace out of its sleeve.  This has never happened before

Of course, it is worth refraining from making the final assessment until the first independent tests. Theory does not always coincide with practice. ADATA promises that we will see the first RAM modules with the new coating soon, at Computex 2024 in Taipei (Taiwan), from June 4 to 7.

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