Pobito rekord świata. Procesor podkręcony do 9,1 GHz

A world record was broken. Processor overclocked to 9.1 GHz

Are you a fan of overclocking? Then the latest Intel processor is just for you! Within a few hours of its premiere, it had already broken four world records.

Yesterday, the flagship processor officially debuted on the market Intel Core i9-14900KSi.e. the last representative of this generation for the nest LGA 1700. We are talking about a 24-core and 32-thread monster that is able to offer clock speeds up to 6.2 GHz right out of the box. All this with a TDP of 150 W.

The ASUS and Elmor team achieved a clock speed of 9177 MHz

Of course, it is no secret that the CPU in question is the Intel Core i9-14900K model selected over recent months. They have yet a large stock of third party liability insurancethus being a tasty morsel for enthusiasts and fans of extreme overclocking.

ASUS reported that their team along with characters such as Elmor and Safedisk they achieved four world records. All on a platform consisting of an Intel Core i9-14900KS processor and motherboard ASUS ROG Maximus Z790 APEX Encore and DDR5 RAM G.SKILL Trident Z. Used as cooling liquid helium.

A world record was broken.  Processor overclocked to 9.1 GHz

By lowering the CPU temperature to -230°C and setting dizzying tension 1.85V Elmor managed to overclock one of the cores to 9177MHz. On the same set, Safedisk achieved record good results in PiFast, SuperPi 1M and PyPrime 32B – consecutively 6.79 s; 3,768 s and 97,596 s.

These records are very impressive and are currently the first positions in HWBot ranking, but this situation will probably change in the next few days. Many teams and overclockers are already “fighting” with their Intel Core i9-14900KS. However, it should be remembered that, as is usually the case with extreme overclocking, these achievements have nothing to do with home conditions and stable 24/7 operation.

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