Znany serwis streamingowy wprowadza w Polsce pakiet z reklamami

A well-known streaming service is introducing an advertising package in Poland

SkyShowtime is the first foreign streaming service to introduce a package with advertising in Poland. This one is available from today (April 23).

More and more streaming services have either introduced or are planning to introduce cheaper ad-supported packages. For now, it bypassed Poland, but that has now changed. The first website introduces such an offer. We're talking about SkyShowtime.

SkyShowtime ad-supported package

SkyShowtime announced the introduction of a cheaper advertising package to Poland. This one is available from today, April 23, 2024. In this regard, the website has signed an agreement with Paramount Advertising International, which will exclusively sell advertisements in all markets.

What does this mean for customers? New, cheaper package. Standard access to SkyShowtime costs PLN 24.99 per month in Poland. Meanwhile, the version with ads costs PLN 19.99 per month. A subscription purchased in advance for a year is also cheaper. It costs PLN 198.99 as standard, but in the version with ads we will pay PLN 159.99.

Reports show that during an hour of watching movies and series, users will see on average about 4 minutes of advertising. These will not be displayed for content targeted at children.

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