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A useful tool is coming. You can use it to check your card

The benchmark market leader is preparing a new scenario. It will soon be possible to quickly and easily check the performance of graphics cards in AI tasks.

When planning to buy a new computer or a specific component, most of us want to know what performance we will get and how it compares to the performance of our current equipment. Manual measurements in games and programs are Sisyphean work. Fortunately, this is where automated testing comes in handy.

The new test will provide convenience and repeatability

Business UL Solutionsbehind popular programs such as Packages 3DMark Whether PCMark, announced the introduction of a new test to its offer. Benchmark Procyonreleased in 2023, will come to an end graphics card performance tests in Stable Diffusion.

The new scenario will be available next week, to be precise from March 25, 2024. As part of it, preparations were made two different models – one for mid-range GPU and the other for high-end models. Procyon currently offers three different engines: Intel OpenVINO, Nvidia TensorRT, and Microsoft ONNX using DirectML.

A useful tool is coming.  You can use it to check your card

While there's nothing stopping users from testing their own GPU AI performance with Stable Diffusion, the Procyon AI Image Generation test is designed to provide convenience and repeatability. The whole thing will be traditionally supplemented with a score, a table of additional information and the possibility of data export.

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