a tiny camera ideal for street photography

Sony has unveiled its A7C R, a small format interchangeable lens camera featuring the same sensor as the Sony A7R V.

In parallel with its Sony A7C II unveiled on Tuesday, the Japanese manufacturer has decided this year to go further in its full frame range with compact bodies by unveiling the Sony AC7 R.

A compact device with a 61 megapixel sensor

To understand what is hidden behind this case, it suffices to recognize the nomenclature – simpler than it seems – of Sony cameras. The Sony A7C R is therefore a mirrorless camera with a full frame sensor (“A7“), in a compact format (“VS”) and with a high resolution sensor (“R“). In fact, it is a small camera, but with not only a large sensor, but a high definition sensor.

In this case, Sony has adopted here the photo sensor of the Sony A7R V, launched at the end of last year, with its 24 x 36 mm full frame format and its definition of 61 million pixels. Concretely, this camera will therefore be aimed above all at photographers who would like to capture shots in very high definition in order to be able to crop more easily in the image during post-production. A use that should appeal not only to lovers of landscapes, wildlife photography, sports photography… or street photography. Indeed, given the small format of the A7C R, the case will be discreet and can be used more casually in the street, without attracting too much attention.

The Sony A7C R

The device indeed displays restricted dimensions of 12.4 x 6.3 x 7.1 cm for a weight of 438 grams.

Photos up to 240 million pixels

For the rest of the features, the Sony A7C R is equipped with the Bionz XR processor, can go up to 32,000 ISO (102,400 in extended mode) and up to a shutter speed of 1/8000 s. The case can also use the mechanical stabilization of the sensor when it is fixed to take an even higher definition photo, up to 240 million pixels. For the burst, however, you will have to settle for a maximum frame rate of 8 frames per second, compared to 10 fps for most other Sony boxes.

The photo is not forgotten either, since the Sony A7C R is capable of filming sequences in 4K at 60p or in 4K 30p in 4:2:2 10 bits.

The Sony A7C R will be available in September. The device will be offered in black or silver, without a camera lens, at a price of 3699 euros.

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