A tailor-made mobile plan at a low price? Here is the unique proposition of this operator

Avoiding exorbitantly priced mobile plans is a good way to limit the impact of back-to-school on our economies. And to do this, the best solution is to turn to flexible offers like those offered by Prixtel.

Prixtel’s expertise in flexible packages has enabled the operator to become a key player in the French telecoms market. It must be said that the operator does not miss an opportunity to offer very accessible offers that really meet the needs of its subscribers. As proof, we want the Oxygen package.

It must be said that this is a well-thought-out mobile offer. It provides access to 30 GB of 4G/4G+ data per month for only 7.99 euros. Without forgetting that we find ourselves facing a no-obligation package. But its real originality lies in the different levels it offers. Indeed, the Oxygène offer can change the quantity of mobile data accessible each month, to adapt to different uses.

The right envelope at the right price

In its basic plan, the Oxygène package offers up to 30 GB of monthly mobile data. An envelope which represents more than double what each French person consumes on average per month (according to Arcep). Enough to happily browse the web, watch many videos on social networks or share your connection without finding yourself running out of data in the middle of the month.

Prixtel also allows you to use up to 15 GB of data while roaming both in Europe and in the French Overseas Territories. Of course, this package provides unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, but also from the European Union and the French Overseas Territories locally and to France. VoWiFi calls are also included.

By going to the essentials, the Oxygène package deploys all its strength: a low price. It is therefore billed at 7.99 euros per month. And this without its price doubling after a year like many competing offers. A strategy that allows it to easily compete against packages sold more expensively.

Unfailing flexibility

From one month to the next, our mobile data needs are likely to change. It is possible that we binge watch a little too much streaming content or you need to share your connection over time due to an Internet box failure.

This is where the Oxygen package tier system comes in. The latter can automatically climb to the next level, and thus provide a larger mobile data envelope. Three price levels are available:

Of course, in the event of restricted use the following month, the Prixtel package returns to the first level. The user is therefore assured of only paying for what he consumes.

An operator who cares about the environment

The carbon emissions emitted by the management of mobile plans are one of Prixtel’s concerns. Although it is difficult to calculate the real rate of these emissions in the short term, the operator did not wait to try to compensate for them by replanting forests on French territory in order to help transform CO2 into oxygen. Thus, in 2022, a new forest of 35,000 trees has been created in the Centre-Val de Loire.

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