Rewolucyjna funkcja Windowsa tylko dla wybranych?

A revolutionary Windows feature only for the chosen few?

This year, Windows 11 will be enriched with a new, revolutionary feature. However, not everyone will benefit from it, according to the latest information.

This year's hit is to be the so-called AI PC, i.e. computers that will use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to an even greater extent. However, before this can happen, changes are necessary in Windows itself. One of the announced new products may be very limited.

AI Explorer only for selected people

Possible requirements for an AI PC feature that Microsoft has dubbed AI Explorer have surfaced on Twitter. This is expected to appear with this year's major Windows update. If the information is true, only owners of new computers with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite system will benefit from it. These requirements are:

  • ARM64 chip
  • 16 GB RAM
  • disk with a capacity of at least 225 GB
  • NPU chip in Snapdragon X Elite (HWID QCOM0D0A)

As you can see, the requirements clearly state that to use AI Explorer you will specifically require the latest Qualcomm chip. For now, it is expected that the new product will not be available on AMD and Intel processors, but this may change, so there is no reason to panic. Both companies are expected to present systems with more powerful NPU units that will enable local AI support.

And what is AI Explorer? This is an artificial intelligence-based search tool that will use fully natural language. It is intended to help us find files, programs and even previous conversations in all applications installed on the computer. Let's assume that 2 weeks ago we were talking to a friend about a movie, but we don't remember its name. Thanks to AI Explorer, all you need to do is ask “what movie did Adam praise 2 weeks ago” and the system should give us the answer.

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