A PS5 Pro without competition? Microsoft doesn’t feel the need for a new Xbox

In an interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer explains that Microsoft doesn’t see the point in a mid-gen renewal. If a PS5 Pro comes out, will it be the only one on the market?

The current console generation kicked off in 2020, almost three years ago now. With the previous generation, Sony and Microsoft chose to offer mid-generation models with a new level of power for the first time. The idea was then to accompany the arrival of 4K televisions with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

The PS5 Pro is already being talked about, by a source who was right about the PlayStation Project Q, but there are no rumors on the side of a possible Xbox Series X2, Xbox Series XX, or Xbox Series X Pro. The reason may be that it is not in development.

For what need?

In an interview with BloombergPhil Spencer replies that he doesn’t feel any ” obligation to offer an Xbox Series X upgrade.

It’s not the return [des joueurs] that we are currently receiving. For now, we are very satisfied with the equipment we offer.

Microsoft has nevertheless presented a new version of its Xbox Series S with 1 TB of storage in response to one of the main criticisms made of the console.

It must be said that we can, indeed, ask the question of the need for these new consoles. While 4K has been the motivator for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, we can’t say that 8K is being democratized on televisions. Therefore, apart from the idea of ​​launching a more powerful console for the principle of having a more powerful console on the market, it is difficult to identify a need that would make the machine essential.

Microsoft and Sony are in a different position on this generation. Indeed, Xbox has already been marketing two different console models since the start of the generation with a much less powerful Xbox Series S at a low price. If the firm was having fun launching a new Xbox, it would ask developers to create three different versions of a game for its ecosystem. Knowing that this is the most backward ecosystem in terms of the number of consoles sold, developers could no longer find their account there.

It looks like we won’t have to wait for a more powerful Xbox until next-gen, expected in 2026 at the earliest.

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