Nowy bat na kierowców. Posypią się dowody

A new whip for drivers. The evidence will pour out

The Chief Road Transport Inspectorate will have a new vehicle inspection tool. You won't even have to stop the car.

The Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport met on April 15-16 in Kolding with representatives of the Danish road office. The Scandinavians presented Poles with a new device that will significantly facilitate car inspection.

Dynamic measurement of exhaust emissions

During vehicle inspections, GITD measures, among other things, exhaust emissions. However, for this it was necessary to stop the car first. As a result, inspections were carried out randomly and were not as effective as they could be. However, the new device presented to Poles by the Danes may revolutionize the entire process.

The new device allows dynamic measurement of exhaust emissions. GITD cars must be equipped with a special system thanks to which you only need to approach the bus or truck while driving to perform a preliminary analysis. If the equipment indicates irregularities, the vehicle can be stopped for a full inspection.

An important point of the meeting was a discussion on the technology for capturing and dynamically measuring exhaust emissions in commercial vehicles (plume chasing). This technology reflects the transport sector's growing commitment to environmental responsibility and is an innovative approach to ensuring compliance with emissions standards.

– informs GITD.

It is not known whether, and if so, when similar devices will reach Poland. However, there is no doubt that it would significantly improve the work of officers and – considering the condition of some trucks or buses – it would contribute to the taking of many registration certificates.

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