Nadchodzi nowa wersja Google Chrome, ale nie będzie dla każdego

A new version of Google Chrome is coming, but it won’t be for everyone

Google has started testing a new version of the Chrome browser. This one will probably be available to users only in a few months.

Google has started testing new versions of the Chrome browser. For now, it is available in the tested Canary channel, which means that it will probably be available to all users in a few months.

Google Chrome for Windows Arm

The new Chrome was prepared for computers with Windows and Arm systems. These are supposedly expected to conquer the market in 2024, mainly thanks to the Snapdragon X Elite system.

It is true that Qualcomm had previously released Arm processors for Windows computers, but they were disappointing with their performance. Meanwhile, the X Elite is expected to offer capabilities similar to those of the 13th generation of Intel Core systems.

This will not be the first Chromium browser that will work on Windows computers and Arm systems. There is also Edge, which works natively on this type of computers and is probably the best choice at the moment.

However, in the case of Chrome itself, this will be new. It is true that it was possible to run the browser now, but through emulation, which has its drawbacks. Meanwhile, Google is working on a fully native version of Chrome for Windows Arm.

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