Nowa generacja kart graficznych AMD z dużą zmianą

A new generation of AMD graphics cards with a big change. Will they catch up with NVIDIA?

However, the new generation of AMD graphics cards will bring an important change. The Reds want to catch up with NVIDIA.

Although AMD graphics cards have their advantages, they are significantly inferior to competing NVIDIA models in several respects. One of these issues concerns performance when Ray Tracing is enabled. The new generation of Red GPUs is expected to bring significant improvements in this aspect.

AMD will improve performance in Ray Tracing

Although the Radeon RX 8000 (RDNA 4) series is expected to be less impressive, this does not mean that AMD is completely giving up on the graphics card market. It is true that only low- and mid-range models will probably be available in stores they are supposed to cope much better with the image tracking technique, i.e. the popular Ray Tracing.

We don't know the details, but the well-known Kepler_L2, who is the source of many leaks, revealed that the RDNA 4 cards will approach the issue of Ray Tracing in a completely different way. The RX 7000 series was significantly inferior to the GeForce RTX 40 in this respect, but there is a chance for significant improvement. Perhaps the Reds, following the example of their biggest competitor, will decide to use dedicated cores for this task? We should have more details soon.

AMD certainly has something to think about. Sales of their systems have recently been disastrous and changes are necessary to allow them to truly compete with NVIDIA. Currently, the differences in sales of Radeons and GeForces are huge.

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