A new, free streaming service has launched.  Many will benefit

A new, free streaming service has launched. Many will benefit

Eurovision Sport is a new, free streaming service aimed at sports fans and enthusiasts. Viewers will be able to watch broadcasts of athletics, gymnastics, skiing and swimming competitions. The new platform was launched by the European Broadcasting Union.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has launched Eurovision Sport as public digital platform available free of charge to users across the continent.

The European Broadcasting Union is the international organizing association the popular Eurovision song contest. Now the EBU has decided to take up sports. The EBU includes over 70 broadcasters from across Europe and beyond, including: public media, which will provide free content to the website. Responsible for technical support of streaming Nagravision.

The EBU promises that Eurovision Sport viewers will be able to watch thousands of hours of sports coverage from many Olympic disciplines, from track and field to gymnastics, skiing, swimming and others. There are plans to broadcast events from the World Championships and European Championships in various disciplines. The EBU currently manages the media rights to 14 sports disciplines belonging to public media, which is to ensure more than 43 thousand hours sports coverage annually. They guarantee it too agreements with 28 international federations sports.

At the start, fans will be able to watch the World Championships in swimming in Doha (February 2-18), International World Championships Biathlon Union (February 7-18) in the Czech Republic and the World Indoor Championships in athletics in Glasgow (March 1-3).

We deeply believe that sport should be for everyone. Our member public broadcasters already make many of the world’s biggest sporting events available to audiences free of charge, and this new digital platform will deliver full coverage, ensuring viewers never miss a moment of their favorite events

– said Noel Curran, Director General of the EBU.

Noel Curran points out that currently only one third of fans have access to sports channels premium. Free streaming of Eurovision Sport has democratize access to live sports broadcasts, popularize various disciplines and help develop sports interests.

The new Eurovision Sport service is available via eurovisionsport.com website, which also works fully on mobile devices. Additionally, users can download apps for smartphones and tablets with systems Android and iOS. At the end of the year, the website will be available Smart TVs and to selected free FAST channels.

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