A new digital television channel debuts.  Start on March 18

A new digital television channel debuts. Start on March 18

CTV9 is a new digital terrestrial television channel, available on the MUX-8 multiplex. The broadcast starts on March 18. Ultimately, the film and documentary station is to be launched under the name Vidoc TV.

Emitel signed a 10-year agreement with the company Red CarpetTV for access to MUX-8 multiplex. The agreement will result in the broadcasting of a new digital terrestrial television channel CTV9.

The start of the regular broadcast of CTV9 is planned for March 18, 2024. The debut of the new station will be preceded by a short test broadcast, which will start tomorrow, March 15.

Red Carpet TV Company received a license National Broadcasting Council to broadcast the CTV9 program on MUX-8. However, the final name of the channel may be different. The sender wants it change to Vidoc TVwhich he has already requested from the National Broadcasting Council.

Vidoc TV: films, series, documentaries

As announced by the broadcaster, Vidoc TV’s offer will include a variety of programs film and documentary content. The channel will be broadcast around the clockwith main emphasis on ffeature films, series and documentary content. In addition, the channel’s schedule will also include educational programs, addressed mainly to viewers aged 30 to 80.

Among Vidoc TV’s offers, attention may be paid to “Chronicles of pop culture”, a section devoted to films, music and books, and “Świat w documentu”. Additionally, Vidoc TV will broadcast popular series, including: musical soap opera “Queen Of Flow” and others premiere productions originating from offers from global streaming platforms.

MUX-8 currently includes the following channels: Nowa TV, Zoom TV, WP and Metro TV. Canal CTV9/Vidoc TV will take 50th position in the list of terrestrial television channels. MUX-8 provides technical coverage of approximately 98 percent of Poland.

MUX-8 channels are broadcast in the VHF band, in the DVB-T standard, MPEG-4. At the beginning of 2024, Emitel submitted an application to UKE to change the reservation decision for MUX-8, of which the company is the operator. This conclusion is about possibilities broadcasting in DVB-T2. Currently, the Company is waiting for the application to be considered.

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