A new Citroën Ami? No, the stylish, practical and license-free Fiat Topolino

Three years after its launch, the Citroën Ami treats itself to a trip to Italy and is transformed into an adorable Fiat Topolino. The electric city car reveals all its technical characteristics, unsurprisingly identical to those of the little Frenchwoman.

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Three years ago, Citroën lifted the veil on its Ami, a lightweight electric quadricycle with a unique design, designed to appeal to young drivers with its affordable price. Success was quickly at the rendezvous for the city car sold more than 30,000 copies since its arrival in the range. So much so that it gives ideas to other builders…

Italian Girlfriend

This is the case ofOpel, which unveiled its Rocks-e a few months later, but also from Fiat. The Italian firm recently unveiled some images of its unexpected creation based on the Ami. This bears the name of Topolino, an appellation which is not new and which pays homage to the original versionmarketed between 1936 and 1955.

But between the old and this newcomer, there is actually no common point, apart from the philosophy of a small car dedicated to the city. Moreover, Topolino means “little mouse” and is the name of Mickey in Italian. If the city car resumes the technical basis of the Citroën Amishe doesn’t let it show, however, since she displays a totally different style and almost no family ties.

Or almost. Because if its front face is radically different, with its small round lights and its fog lights placed just below, the profile is similar to that of the Friend. The proportions are very similar, with its length displayed at 2.535 meters. Its width (1.4 m) and height (1.53 m) remain close to the 1.39 and 1.52 meters of the Citroën Ami. The wheelbase is announced at 1.73 m.

Like her cousin, only one shade is offered, namely the Verde Vita, while two variants are available, with or without doors. The open version, however, has elegant cords and the one that closes can be personalized with stickers, as the Italian manufacturer specifies. Note that it is possible to add a small shower for excursions to the beach.

An elegant and simple interior

Unsurprisingly, the driving position of the Fiat Topolino is modeled on that of the Citroën Ami. The whole is therefore very bare and gives pride of place to raw materials. A real asset for the city car, which can be cleaned more easily after a day at the seaside for example. If the presentation is very simple, the city car is rather well equipped.

Indeed, the press release from the Italian manufacturer announces that its Topolino can be personalized with many elements, including a USB fan, a Bluetooth speaker, a thermos bottle or smart seat covers. These actually turn into beach towels! All these accessories are also in Verde Vita color to match the car perfectly.

Whether open or closed, the electric city car is equipped with a Dolcevita Box, which consists of a strip of fabric that allows various objects to be stored. In total, no less than 63 liters of storage are available on board the Topolino, while it is for example possible to install a cabin suitcase between the driver and his passenger.

The driver will not be able to take advantage of any touch screen, of course. On the other hand, it is still assisted by a small digital handset uncluttered displaying driving information. You will therefore have to use your phone with Waze or Google Maps navigation if necessary.

From 14 years old

This new Fiat Topolino takes up the basis of the Citroën Ami and its technical data sheet. Nothing really new under the sun for the electric city car, which is in fact considered a lightweight motorized quadricycle. This means that it can be driven from the age of 14, without a license, like its cousin, as well as the Ligier Myli and other Microlino Lite.

Under his hood, a small 6 kW electric motor, which is equivalent to approximately 8 horsepower for a torque of 44 Nm. This allows the car to reach a maximum speed limited to 45 km/h for regulatory reasons and to go from 0 to 45 km/h in 10 seconds. It is rumored that Citroën is planning a more powerful version of its Ami. Like the latter, the Italian city car is also equipped witha small 5.5 kWh battery.

This allows it to display a range of up to 75 kilometers according to the WMTC cycle. Recharging takes place in just under four hours on a 230 volt household socketwhile it is not compatible with DC charging, just like the Ami.

It will still be necessary to wait before knowing the complete endowment of the Topolino, but it should be quite limited. As a reminder, the Citroën Ami comes as standard with ventilation as well as a USB socket. However, it does not have any driving aids.

Fiat Topolino: prices and availability

Just unveiled, the new Fiat Topolino should be officially launched by the end of the year, although we do not yet know the exact date. Its price has not been announced either, but it should be around 7,000 euros as for the Friend. It should be eligible for the ecological bonus of 900 euros valid for light quadricyles.

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