a new Chinese manufacturer arrives in France, with its future ultra-fast charging

A new Chinese manufacturer of electric cars and plug-in hybrids is about to arrive in France. This is Li Auto. You don’t know him? Still, it has some really cool tech, including ultra-fast charging that should be coming soon.

The electric car has an undeniable advantage for all car manufacturers around the world: being able to export them to all countries in the world (or almost), due to almost similar standards. Much more in any case, than in the context of petrol and diesel cars. American manufacturers are targeting Europe (like Tesla, but also GM), but much less than their Chinese competitors. In Europe, we can for example cite the arrival of Nio and Zeekr. Not to mention the Chinese manufacturers present indirectly, via the acquisition of a European brand, such as MG (SAIC), Volvo, Lotus or Polestar (Geely) for example.

Li Auto arrives in France

We will now have to deal with a new Chinese brand of (future) electric cars and plug-in hybrids. This is Li Auto, as revealed by our media colleagues Clean Automotive. The latter came face to face with a Li Auto L8 (rechargeable hybrid), registered in Paris. The journalists were able to chat with the driver of the vehicle, who is an employee of the brand.

Li Auto L8

The latter confirmed that this car was used for homologation purposes, for be able to market it in France in the coming months. The month of September 2023 was indicated in the discussion, which could result in marketing by the end of the year in France.

But what interests us the most is not necessarily this Li Auto L8, which only promises 175 km of electric range with its 42.8 kWh battery, backed up by a 1.5 liter petrol unit. No, what attracts us are the other models from the Chinese manufacturer to come, which promise to be 100% electric. But above all, with a concentrate of very interesting technology.

A recharge in just 10 minutes

It is thus a question of an ultra-fast recharge, making it possible to recover 400 km of autonomy (surely on the Chinese CLTC certification cycle) in just 10 minutes, thanks to an 800 volt architecture and a 4C recharge. All this, thanks to the brand new battery from the giant CATL, which promises 1,000 km of autonomy, and a recharge from 10 to 80% in 10 minutes. However, charging stations with a power of 480 kW would have to be used to achieve these excellent figures. They already exist, at Xpeng, and some do better, with 600 kW at Huawei.

It is estimated that this future electric car will benefit with a range approaching 800 km, and should see the light of day by 2025. The Chinese manufacturer has indeed announced that it will market five electric cars by this date. Li Auto’s first electric car is expected to be the first car marketed with CATL’s ultra-fast charging. For the moment, the brand has not specified whether the electric cars will be sold in France, but there is a very good chance.

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