a mix of new features and notable improvements

Discover the improvements and new features of Tesla’s 2023.26 update, a generous release packed with significant changes.

Continuing its efforts to improve the user experience of its electric vehicles, Tesla has just rolled out a major update to the OS that equips its cars.

This new version, called 2023.26brings many improvements and new features for Tesla drivers.

All new in version 2023.26

The first update in this release is for Tesla’s Powerwall, a home energy storage battery that stores electricity generated by solar panels or drawn from the power grid. This new feature allows owners to choose the amount of charging that comes from solar power versus other power sources. However, this functionality is not relevant for the French market where the Powerwall is not yet widely deployed.

The update also brings a redesign of the Spotify interface on the car operating system. Tesla users will now be able to “ listen to their Spotify music, playlists, podcasts and audiobooks with a more familiar look », closer to the one they know on smartphones.

Another novelty concerns the automatic headlights. Now headlights turn on automatically when wipers are on and headlights are set to Auto in the menu Controls > Lights > Headlights. This improvement, while seemingly minor, is much appreciated, especially in some states where the law requires the lights to be on when the windshield wipers are on. This is not only to comply with regulations, but also to increase safety on the road.

The navigation interface has also been improved. It now indicates whether the chosen destination is about to close or could be closed at the time of arrival, which is a useful addition to anticipate and adjust your route accordingly. A function that is already found in Google Maps, for example.

For game lovers, it is now possible to use Bluetooth gamepads for playing games in Tesla’s Arcade system. The functionality is optimized for PS5 controllers, and pairing is done by following the instructions on the Bluetooth panel.

With regard to security and surveillance, it is now possible to View multiple cameras simultaneously when checking your vehicle’s surroundings. To do this, you must access the vehicle settings in Controls > Security > View live camera via mobile app. This feature requires mobile app v4.22.5 and Premium connectivity.

For a more comfortable ride at night, the update includes a feature that automatically adjusts the colors of the touchscreen to be warmerreducing eye strain caused by blue light.

Sentinel mode, which monitors attempts to open the doors or the trunk when the vehicle is locked, has also been improved.

Finally, ergonomic improvements have been made with more precise sliders to adjust volume, temperature and load limitand a Swiss French keyboard has been added.

This 2023.26 update should arrive on your Tesla in July 2023. As always, Tesla continues to innovate and refine its operating system, offering an ever richer and more intuitive user experience.

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