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A few months after our discovery of the Ironclad V2, we find GG with the Berserker, a TKL model that will not leave you indifferent, thanks to its specific design.

The keyboard gamer GG Berserker is a relatively simple TKL model which has the main advantage of having a structure gasket mount supposed to improve the typing experience. It uses a design similar to that of the excellent Ironclad V2 and is equipped with the same mechanical switches lubricated at the factory.

The French brand therefore continues to provide the specificities of the keyboards custom to the general public with a new, even more ambitious keyboard. After the exceptional performance of the Ironclad V2, the Berserker seems to have all the assets to also become a real reference.

This new model is offered at the same price as its big brother, namely 140 euros. Some will say that this price is high, but it is in fact quite comparable to the benchmarks in the sector, so much the experience offered by GG is interesting.

A design that plays the card of sobriety

There is no doubting the family resemblance between the Berserker and the Ironclad V2. So much so that we could repeat word for word the paragraphs dedicated to the design of our test of the latter. The imposing hard plastic chassis is back in the game, although here we are moving to a TKL format.

Designed by GG Berserker

Always as square, the Berserker wants to be a sober and discreet model and which thus uses no visual artifice. This double-edged choice allows the keyboard to blend seamlessly into any setups, but logically does not bring the originality that one would expect from a game model.

If the body of the GG Berserker is relatively thick, the PBT keys have a standard height since their locations are cut into the upper part of the keyboard. The different characters are correctly cut out and thus allow the integrated RGB lighting to pass through.

Designed by GG Berserker

With his layout TKL, the Berserker ignores the numeric keypad. However, it only has a few shortcut keys that can be operated using the “Fn” key and the F1 to F12 keys. However, the secondary functions of these keys are not indicated on them. You should therefore learn them by heart or use the replacement keys provided in the box.

If the Ironclad V2 had no additional appendage, the Berserker is equipped with a very discreet volume adjustment wheel. The latter takes place on the left edge of the keyboard and is very convenient to use.

Designed by GG Berserker

On the connection side, no surprise, we still benefit from a USB C port, positioned on the left rear part of the keyboard. The latter is supplied with a braided cable of appropriate length and can logically be replaced by the user. Replacement keys and all accessories required for servicing the keyboard are also provided.

Finally, in terms of ergonomics, GG ignores the wrist rest (which will have to be purchased additionally), but equips its first TKL keyboard with retractable two-position pads, which thus allow three different angles. Note in passing that the Berserker is a relatively heavy keyboard (1.4 kg) and which remains, in fact, perfectly in place on the desk.

Designed by GG Berserker

In short, the French brand GG remains true to itself by offering a very well built keyboard, which exudes solidity and which is very sober. It thus offers no distinctive element if no real originality except its discreet volume adjustment wheel.

A pilot still young and an opening for developers

The dedicated driver that accompanies the Berserker is in every way comparable to that of the Ironclad V2. If the interface is a bit outdated, the features are there with in particular an interface dedicated to RGB lighting. Different presets are present for which it is possible to adapt the direction, speed and color.

The second page is dedicated to the allocation of keys and allows you to choose between the default functions and various actions related to the mouse or the operating system. The application also authorizes the recording and attribution of macros, thanks to a dedicated module.

A final menu allows you to adjust certain more specific settings, in particular with the activation of game mode or the customization of the debounce. All the settings mentioned so far can be saved in profiles. Unfortunately, it is again impossible to associate them with games or applications.

On a plus power userthe Berserker is also compatible with a firmware derived from QMK. This alternative “operating system” and open-source allows you to customize the keyboard without the need for the proprietary driver, but also to make it evolve, or even to create your own firmware without being dependent on the manufacturer.

We will not go further in these technical considerations. On the other hand, as the product sheet indicates, the Berserker can be seen as much as a gaming keyboard as a keyboard for learning to develop firmware personalized for them. Do not hesitate to consult the brand’s blog to learn a little more about the development of the Berserker.

An exceptional typing experience thanks to the gasket mount

The GG brand stands out above all for the quality of the mechanical switches provided as well as the exceptional work carried out to perfect the typing experience. This includes quality lubrication of the switches, the addition of insulating elements in the frame and a thoroughness in the design of the latter. The idea is to approach the result that the user could obtain by mounting a keyboard himself custom.

Designed by GG Berserker

The Berserker goes a little further since it incorporates a design in gasket mount. This means that the plate on which the switches rest is not in direct contact with the chassis, but mounted on flexible supports. The objective is thus to limit the noise pollution, while bringing softness to the typing.

In addition, and this was thought out from the design stage, the user retains the possibility of customizing this assembly by adjusting the number of pads installed. The keyboard is therefore easy to disassemble using the tools provided. For the rest, the Berserker is equipped with the same switches as the Ironclad V2.

Internal structure of the Berserker

Concretely, with such a design, typing seems somewhat dampened and softer. The plate hosting the switches being somewhat floating, it offers almost no resistance when activating the switches. As often, this feeling is difficult to transcribe in writing and it will be advisable to try to form an opinion on the gasket mount.

If the Ironclad V2 was already excellent acoustically, the Berserker goes another step. The resonance is absent and unless you crush the keys completely, the keyboard generates almost no noise, except for the noise of impact of the fingers or the keys. It’s not totally silent, in the sense that its switches aren’t, but the keyboard itself doesn’t generate any extraneous sound. Adding “O-Rings” or replacing switches (always hot-swappable) can further enhance the experience.

Going back to the switches, the “Red” models we received are still as convincing. Factory lubrication brings excellent fluidity to these switches, which are technically similar to Cherry MX Red. These are therefore rather fast linear models, but a “Brown” touchscreen version is also available.

Price and availability of the GG Berserker keyboard

The GG Berserker keyboard is available at the recommended price of 140 euros.

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