Sharp SumoBox - najpotężniejszy głośnik Bluetooth

A huge Bluetooth speaker at a great promotion

The SumoBox series from Sharp are powerful loudspeakers whose technology and tuning is the responsibility of the legendary Devialet. Saying Bluetooth speaker is definitely not enough in this case.

Power Audio Sharp SumoBox CP-LS100 120W Bluetooth – when an ordinary speaker is not enough

This is not another JBL tube, nor is it a plastic, RGB-glowing karaoke creation. SumoBox CP-LS100 is actually a professional stovewith a recess for a stand, connectors for guitars or microphones (double TRS/XLR connectors), AUX and USB input, full manual control over the levels and sound quality. Of course, as befits a modern sound system, there is also Bluetooth connectivity with a supporting application Sharp Life or even the possibility of wirelessly connecting 2 speakers into a stereo pair.

The speaker can work both both vertically and horizontallyand the included rubber feet for the corners of the housing enable convenient positioning of the speaker and additionally stabilize it so that the high power does not move the equipment on the floor.

Sharp SumoBox is a solid piece of equipment in a sea of ​​plastic trash

Replaceable battery module

Probably the most interesting option here is the battery module – the battery is replaceable and attached to the back of the housing via a special connector. If 10 hours of continuous music playback this is not enough, you just need to equip yourself with additional modules. This is also a very healthy approach in terms of ecology (the loudspeaker is not “disposable”). The module itself presents the state of charge of the diodes, so we always know if we are ready for an outdoor event. Of course, it is also possible to connect mains power supplyand the battery is standard equipment of the set.

SumoBox CP-LS100 – sound quality

If you think of this speaker as a big box in primary school, you are wrong. Devialet took care of a very natural sound, without drowning everything out with loud bass. You can easily use this equipment for demanding music genres that are often poorly presented on typical, plastic-covered Bluetooth speakers.

Sharp SumoBox - back panel

Two eight-inch bass speakers and two two-inch tweeters they offer as much as 120 watts power and sound intensity reaching 105 dB. With such a weapon, you don't have to worry that you won't have enough power for a garden party. What's more, during the tests there was no need to use more than 50% of the power.

You can take out the Sharp speaker now at RTV Euro AGD for PLN 1,399. This is the lowest price in the last 30 days (previously PLN 1,599) and also the lowest according to Ceneo.

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