a high-end smartphone is in the works

Nio, a player in the Chinese automotive landscape, has earned a reputation for its high-quality electric cars. If Nio continues to disrupt the automotive market, the company does not intend to stop there. Rumors are swirling about a bold new project: a high-end smartphone.

Nio is, without question, one of the most successful Chinese electric car manufacturers of recent years. Known for its high-quality electric cars, this Chinese group is about to establish itself even deeper in global markets. While Nio is already a major player in China, Europe has proven to be the new battleground for the company.

Nio’s expansion into Europe has not been smooth sailing. Some of the biggest names in the automotive industry, such as Audi, have sensed the threat Nio poses. The proof is that the famous German brand tried to drag the Chinese manufacturer to court, thus marking the palpable tension between traditional players and newcomers.

But it’s not just in the automotive world that Nio is making waves. In fact, the company is about to venture into smartphone territory.

Towards a first Nio smartphone with high-end features

During a conference in 2022 of the firm where the SUV Nio ES8 was presented, William Li, the CEO, said teased on the imminent arrival of a smartphone. His words were enigmatic, but revealing: Nio ES8 SUV wireless charging is compatible with the Nio Phone “. This not only suggests the existence of a phone, but also deep integration with their vehicles.

If we go by the information available, this smartphone will not be a simple addition to their product line. Recently spotted on AnTuTu, the benchmark tool, the Nio smartphone obtained an impressive score of around 1.36 million points. This is hardly surprising, since it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processorbacked up by 12GB of RAM and an astonishing 1TB of storage capacity. Rumors add to that a robust 4,800mAh battery with 100W fast charging capability via USB-C.

With projects like this on the way, Nio looks set to become a force not to be underestimated, not only in the automotive field, but also in the technology sector.


An automaker’s transition to tech, while remarkable, is not unprecedented. We can cite the example of Geely (Volvo, Zeekr, Lynk & Co, etc.) which made a bold decision by buying Meizu, thus placing itself in possession of the Flyme interface. This fusion of the two worlds, once seen as bold, is beginning to gain popularity and underscores a trend of convergence between industries.

Paradoxically, as automakers turn to technology, the tech giants themselves also have automotive ambitions. Huawei, for example, is no longer content with the smartphone market, the company is now designing motors for electric cars and has launched its own infotainment system for cars.

Likewise, Xiaomi, well known for its electronics, is gearing up to enter the automotive scene with its own electric car models.

This back and forth between the two industries testifies to a new era where tech and the automobile are increasingly intertwined.

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