Przypomnij sobie dzieciństwo! Świetna retrokonsolka w okazyjnej cenie

A great retro console at a low price. It's worth taking advantage of this opportunity

Trimui Smart Pro is an inexpensive retro console with great possibilities. Now you can buy it on sale.

If you remember the 90s with tears in your eyes or you would like to check what games were played back then, visit AliExpress There is a great offer especially for you. You can get one at an attractive price Trimui Smart Pro, i.e. an inexpensive retro console on which we can play, among others, in the titles from the first one PlayStation.

Trimui Smart Pro – retro console at a great price

Trimui Smart Pro, despite its low price, boasts a completely decent specification. The device has IPS display diagonal 4.96″ and resolution 1280×720 and a quad-core processor Allwinner A133plus. Plus I managed to fit it in two analog sticks and battery capacity 5000 mAhwhich is supposed to be enough for over 5 hours of play.

Remember your childhood!  A great retro console at a bargain price

Importantly, it is also one of the few devices of this type that can be purchased without any games. Why is it so important? Because while retro consoles and emulators themselves are fully legal, by purchasing a set with attached ROM files we are breaking the law and potentially exposing ourselves to unpleasant consequences.

The Trimui Smart Pro retro console can currently be purchased for: PLN 257.05. There are three color versions to choose from.

Check out the current promotion for the Trimui Smart Pro console

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