Hasło słonik posłanka Żukowska

A famous MP showed her slogan? An elephant like a fig leaf

It seems that MP Anna Maria Żukowska from the Left has made one of the worst cybersecurity mistakes. However, one small thing saved her from complete embarrassment.

Writing your password down on a piece of paper and then placing it right next to your computer This is one of the most frequently criticized mistakes in terms of data security on the Internet. Even worse, when such a mistake is made by a politician who has access to sensitive data. And this is most likely the situation in the case of MP Anna Maria Żukowska from the Left

Elephant to the rescue

The photo, which shows a slogan apparently used by the MP, was shared by her on Twitter/X. It was part of the discussion about passes for the Women's Strike. Dominika Długosz pointed out that the Left did not take proper care of them.

In response, MP Żukowska posted a photo of a monitor in a room. However, something other than the list of passes caught the attention of some boarders. At the bottom of the photo you can see a note with the word “Password” written on it.. The blessing in disguise is that in this frame a fragment of the slogan itself was obscured by a figurine nomen omen, probably an elephant with its trunk raised.

Password elephant MP Żukowska screen
A photo showing the shared fragment of the password

However, having a beginning and an end (the first two characters “LE” and the last one – probably “4” are visible) it is much easier to guess the password. We just hope it's not “Lewica2024”, because it would only be the nail in the coffin regarding the MP's online security.

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