Asteroida Apophis nie uderzy w ZiemiÄ™

A doomsday asteroid is approaching Earth. Scientists calm down

The asteroid Apophis will approach Earth in 2029. According to the latest observations, we have nothing to fear.

Asteroid Apophis it is one of the most dangerous objects ever observed in the solar system. It is one of the few celestial bodies we observe that may actually pose a threat to the Earth. If there was an impact, it would be a disaster.

Apophis will miss Earth… by a hair’s breadth

Potentially, such a situation could arise in 2029, when the asteroid will approach Earth at a record-breaking distance. Such a scenario, although relatively unlikely, has been considered since the discovery of Apophis in 2004. However, the latest research suggests that we have nothing to fear.

According to the latest observations, Apophis will fly only a short distance away in April 2029 32,000 km from Earth, which is actually a record low distance for this type of facility. According to Paul Wiegert and Ben Hyatt, Canadian astronomers, we have enough data at this point to exclude the risk of impact with almost complete certainty.

It is worth noting that these are not the first assurances of this type. Already in 2021, ESA experts, based on previous observations, decided to remove Apophis from the list of objects posing a threat to Earth. This, of course, does not mean that the large asteroid stopped causing concern overnight and will probably continue to be one of the most closely watched objects in the solar system.

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