a camera the size of a ping pong ball

We know Instax above all for its instant cameras and portable photo printers. The manufacturer is venturing down a new path, that of the “micro” Bluetooth digital camera, to rediscover the pleasure of photography on the spot, and this, without a smartphone.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Instax (a subsidiary of Fujifilm) is stepping out of its comfort zone with its first camera solely dedicated to taking pictures. With very small dimensions (approximately 4 x 4.3 cm for 40 g), it seems tiny even in the palm of a 5-year-old child’s hand. An original product in form and which ultimately wants to help us rediscover the pleasure of impromptu photography.

Instax Pal the friend of walks

With lines that remind us of a bulb, which is inspired by the lines of the Instax mini, but much smaller. Instax has created a product that is as compact as it is attractive with soft lines that allow a comfortable grip, even if it is not very natural at first.

It is switched on using the top button, which will also illuminate it. On the front, we have in the center a 3 megapixel sensor and its wide-angle optics, with just above a mini speaker with microphone and a flash. On the right edge there is a microSD card port and on the back a button to start a shot and a USB-C port for charging. The announced autonomy is around 275 shots.

Below the product, a switch allows you to go from “F” like fun to “L” like Link mode. The second allows you to automatically link it to the nearest Instax printer and start printing immediately after pressing the trigger. The second stores the photos in the device, which you can view on your smartphone with the Instax Pal application.

It also allows you to control the device to take a remote shot, or even take continuous shots in 3-second intervals, to then better choose the most successful photo. It is even possible to combine several photos to create animations and animated GIFs.

The product comes with a sort of ring that allows it to be easily attached to a bag or belt. In addition, it can be used as a support for taking still photos or even act as a viewfinder by placing it at the top of the device.

Small gadget function, but which will amuse many, it is possible to record a personalized sound to accompany each press of the shutter button.

The Instax Pal will be available from October 5 and comes in five colors: milk white, pistachio green, powder pink, lavender blue and jet black. If the first four are offered at a price of 99.99 euros, the last will be billed at 119.99 euros. Which is still expensive, especially if you then want to invest in an Instax printer.

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