Nadciąga przełom w świecie kart graficznych. Mowa o GDDR7

A breakthrough is coming in the world of graphics cards. We’re talking about GDDR7

We will soon see the first systems from AMD and NVIDIA that will be equipped with GDDR7 VRAM. This means much greater efficiency.

Independent organization JEDECwith over 300 members from the technology industry, has published the specifications for GDDR7 memory. This is what producers such as Micron, SK hynix Whether Samsung in the formation of bones, which will then go to the most efficient systems from AMD, NVIDIA and Intel.

We will see consumer GDDR7 systems in 2025

Standard GDDR6 debuted in 2018 with the series NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000. Back then, we were talking about 14 Gbps solutions, i.e. effective speeds of up to 56 GB/s. Over time, however, we got faster 20 Gbps memories – e.g. AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX – and speeds up to 80 GB/s.

GDDR7 memories are supposed to offer a huge jump in bandwidth, we are talking about 192 GB/s, so twice as much as in the case of GDDR6X. However, these speeds will be achieved in a different way than before.

The new standard will use three signaling levels (-1, 0, +1) to transmit three bits of data every two cycles. This is a change from the non-return-to-zero (NRZ) signaling used in GDDR6, which transmits two bits in two cycles. This change alone is an improvement of as much as 50%.

A breakthrough is coming in the world of graphics cards.  We're talking about GDDR7

Other changes include the use of core-independent shift register training patterns with feedback to improve accuracy and reduce training time. GDDR7 will have double the number of independent channels (four compared to two in GDDR6).

This information coincides with data previously published by Samsung. When will we see graphics cards equipped with GDDR7? As for the consumer segment, next year should be assumed. It is true that NVIDIA is preparing Blackwell systems for data centers, but they will probably use HBM3E.

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