Kometa nad Hiszpanią

A ball of fire appeared in the sky. People immediately grabbed their phones

A fragment of a comet lights up the sky over Spain and Portugal. Internet users observing the phenomenon are amazed: “It's just like a movie.”

The spectacular comet delighted the inhabitants

According to the European Space Agency (ESA), a fragment of the comet lit up the sky over Spain and Portugal. The phenomenon began on Saturday, late in the evening, the inhabitants of Lisbon were delighted with the sight, claiming that the view resembled a movie.

On Sunday, ESA released it video with a view of the “fireball” on his profile

It's not a meteor, but a comet

The ESA ultimately concluded that it was not a meteor, but rather a “small piece of a comet.” It was estimated that it flew over Spain and Portugal at a speed of 45 km per second, and then burned up over the Atlantic.

The probability of finding meteorites is very low.

– said ESA.

The Spanish Calar Alto astronomical observatory also provided a preliminary analysis of the phenomenon, determining that the object was of cometary origin.

Many people went to the emergency services to report the incident. The object was also filmed during a concert in the Portuguese city of Barcelos. The phenomenon was also visible in Porto.

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