a 3D bugdroid and a capital letter that is more important than it seems

Google unveils the new Android logo with two changes to remember: a bugdroid which goes into 3D while the “android” brand is now officially written “Android”.

Be open, iterative and inclusive “. This is the ethic that Google wants to put forward for its Android operating system. So, while we are still waiting for the stable version of Android 14, the Mountain View firm is unveiling a new visual identity for its OS installed on three billion smartphones and devices of all kinds around the world. In short, Android has a new logo and lets you know it.

On the program, a bugdroid with a new look and the Android brand which is no longer spelled quite the same way. Note that aside from this, Android has also been treated to the arrival of some promising new features.

Why android becomes Android

The Google teams claim to have had a lot of fun creating this new identity, but what is actually changing? The new Android logo is inspired by Material Design. As a reminder, this is the set of aesthetic rules that the American giant imposes on itself to define the look of its OS. The famous Material You focused on personalization is a derivative.

But that’s not all… Google adds a capital letter to the official Android logo! Yes, we are a tad sarcastic, which is quite ironic for a media called CssTricks and no more FrAndroid since 2019. Furthermore, there is a real explanation behind this choice.

With this update, you’ll notice some subtle changes that help tie Android to Google. In addition to dropping the lowercase stylization of “android,” we’re elevating the Android logo by capitalizing the A, giving more weight to its appearance when placed next to the Google logo. Although we added curves and personality unique to Android, the new Android styling more closely reflects the Google logo and creates a balance between the two. We hope that these small but important updates to the Android font will better communicate the relationship between Android devices and the Google apps and services that users already know.

This passage from the blog post has more significance than one might think. Google clearly displays the ambition here to put its own name forward. We already had Android Messages which is now known as Google Messages. Same thing for Android Pay which became Google Pay then Google Wallet. In the same vein, let’s remember that, on the connected watch side, Android Wear has disappeared in favor of Wear OS by Google (that’s the full name).

You will have understood, it is therefore not surprising to see that the identity of Android itself is closer to that of Google since it is the latter which tends to be put forward more and more.

A 3D bugdroid

Today we’re giving the most recognizable non-human member of our Android community a whole new 3D look“, we read in the press release. Yes, the bugdroid changes appearance and takes shape.

As a visual symbol of our brand, we wanted the bugdroid to be as dynamic as Android itself. We also modernized the appearance of the robot’s entire body so that it can easily transition from a digital to a real environment, making it a versatile and reliable companion, regardless of channel, platform or context.“.

This new visual identity will be available on Android devices.and in more places» by the end of the year promises Google.

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