4 photo and video features you’ll only find on the Pixel 8 Pro

This year, the Pixel 8 Pro features all the latest innovations in generative AI and algorithms to significantly improve your photos and videos. Overview.

This year, the Pixel 8 Pro stands out from the Pixel 8 with more powerful and, above all, more intelligent photo and video features. Thanks to its new sensors, new software processing and the integration of a generative AI model directly into the phone, the Pixel 8 Pro significantly improves photo capturing and editing.

Video Boost, for videos with HDR+ and Night Sight

For demanding videographers, the Pixel 8 Pro includes the Video Boost function which aims to bring all of Google’s photo software innovations to video mode. By activating the function, each frame of the video will be processed by Google’s HDR+ algorithm, even in 4K at 30 frames per second. Video Boost will also allow you to use the Night Sight function on your videos for superior performance in low light.

To perform such heavy tasks in real time, the user will instantly receive a first version of their video non-boostede, while it will be uploaded to the cloud and processed by Google algorithms. The duration of this treatment will be checked once the smartphone is in hand.

Pro Controls, professional settings for your photos

They’ve been coming and going on Android phones for years: Pro Controls are also appearing on the Pixel 8 Pro. In addition to white balance and exposure settings, you can manually adjust the image focus, shutter speed and ISO value. Fans of manual mode will be delighted, especially since HDR+ will remain activated, regardless of the settings chosen.

According to our information, Pro Controls should also land on the Pixel 7 Pro in a future update.

A more powerful and precise Magic Eraser

Thanks to the integration of Google’s generative AI directly into the phone, the Pixel 8 Pro features a version of the Magic Eraser that is much more powerful than the other model in the range. With this improved version, it will be possible to remove much more imposing elements from your image, which traditional tools have difficulty erasing and, above all, replacing.

Instead of working contextually, using adjacent pixels, the Magic Eraser generates new pixels for a result that is theoretically more faithful to the reality of your photo.

This feature will be available on the Pixel 8 Pro upon its release on October 12.

Zoom Enhance becomes a reality

Zoom ! Zoom ! Enhance! » You have probably already heard this in many films and series. Unrealistic as possible in fiction, it becomes a reality thanks to Google’s generative AI with the Zoom Enhance function.

You will be able to zoom in on each of your images in your library, and go from a mess of pixels to a sharp and precise image. The option will prove practical for cropping a photo after capture, with efficiency promised even at the highest zoom level.

Zoom Enhance will come to the Pixel 8 Pro in a future Android 14 update.

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