37,730 euros, the Tesla Model Y has never been so cheap

With the Model Y going on sale at competitive prices, Tesla continues to pressure its competitors and maintain its dominant position in the market.

The Tesla Model 3 was at the heart of the news a few days ago with a very aggressive LOA offer, now we are talking about the Model Y. With a price of 37,730 euros, thanks to various discounts and advantages, such as the bonus of 5,000 euros, the Tesla discount to empty its stocks, and the 500 euros of sponsorship, the Model Y crushes the competition. You have to go to the available vehicles, stock is added almost daily. Moreover, no waiting to receive his vehicle, Tesla delivers them in a few days.

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Some competing models such as the MG4, the Renault Zoé or the Peugeot e-208 (2024) remain cheaper. However, we are not talking about the same category, and Tesla is hurting many other manufacturers.

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Tesla’s offer greatly disrupts the plans of industry giants like Volkswagen, Renault, Volvo, Skoda, Ford, Kia, Audi, Mercedes, Hyundai and many others. The list of manufacturers in difficulty faced with this aggressive pricing policy is growing.

If you are rather hesitant with a Tesla Model 3, we also have a comparative file allowing you to compare the new prices with the competition, and in particular the Renault Mégane E-Tech, MG4, Volkswagen ID.3, etc.

Tesla hurts the competition very badly

The Model Y is selling like hot cakes, and the new discounts shouldn’t curb that trend. This is a vehicle that attracts not only because of its price, but also thanks to its characteristics and quality.

Tesla, with the Model Y, is hurting the competition very badly. Hard to find fault with this model at this price. It has many qualities that make it an attractive option for those looking to invest in an electric vehicle.

Unlike the Model 3, which could be restyled soon and lose its ecological bonus because of the new calculation imposed by the French government, the Model Y is mainly, and increasingly, manufactured in Berlin.

A restyling would be planned for 2024

There is no question of a restyling in the immediate future, which ensures stability in its production and distribution. However, there is a “Project Juniper” which evokes a restyling for 2024.

This should obviously focus on the exterior design as well as the interior presentation. If we do not yet know what is planned, perhaps we will have to expect developments inspired by the Model S and Model X, with the arrival for example of a Yoke steering wheel, which we were able to test a few months earlier. The power could also be revised upwards, as well as the general performance.

But where it gets really interesting is that this Model Y could be even cheaper. How ? Thanks to the arrival of new, less expensive materials. Reuters claims, in fact, that Tesla has asked its suppliers to work on new components.

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